A 1976 graduate of Harvard University, Ramon Morales is the Managing Director of Etiquette Networks LLC, a privately held, California based, Venture focusing on Strategic consulting services in  Social media and Mobile Apps Development to companies and individuals.

Throughout his career, Ramón has been widely renowned for leading strategic technology deployments in telecommunications, internet, and educational environments in Latin America and the United States.

Mr. Morales served as Chairman of the Executive Council of the Internet Society of Puerto Rico (www.isocpr.org ). In 2001, Ramón and a group of regional Internet pioneers founded the Internet Society of Puerto Rico which today has over 1,000 active members bridging the Digital Divide and catalyzing entrepreneurial vitality in the island. Concurrently, Ramón founded InspireGlobal.com, Inc. to design, market and distribute value added products and services for the growing wireless broadband access marketplace for residential and business customers. Additionally, the company  developed a WiMAX specialty with the goal of utilizing the 802.16 standard for developing wireless broadband networking products, services and applications in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Ramón devised and created integrated solutions using data warehousing techniques for the deployment of scaleable databases accessible via the Internet as well as through secure private networking facilities.

He recently served as a Board director of a global alternative common carrier directing its transformation into a leading wireless broadband service provider in the Latin American region. In 2000, Register.com, a leading company (RCOM NDAQ) in the domain name registration business, retained Mr. Morales to lead the International Corporate Services Division. Under Morales’s leadership the company expanded its presence in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Throughout the past twenty years, Ramón has been widely renowned for his

leadership in technology, particularly telecommunications, applications for

regional economic development. Morales has been appointed to various

commissions and boards serving as a policy advisor on a wide range of issues

including education, economic development, and high technology for Mayors

Edward I. Koch, David N. Dinkins and Governor Mario Cuomo. In 1986, Ramón

Morales was appointed to the High Technology Board by the New York City

Partnership to advise then Chairman David Rockefeller on policies aimed at

motivating high-technology companies to invest and relocate to New York City. his efforts of this panel of business and civic leaders led to the publication of High Tech New York, a strategic policy document that has been used to create technology initiatives and legislation by every Mayor and Governor in New York State since 1987. For his contributions to economic development policy, the New York City Partnership and the New York Chamber of Commerce and Industry awarded him  “Business Man of the Year” in 1986.

In recognition of his industry leadership, Mr. Morales was invited in 1993 by the Columbia Institute for Tele-Informatics (CITI) – a telecommunications policy and research institute affiliated with Columbia University – to present papers on the history and future of telecommunications in their respective countries along with a select panel of top communications experts throughout Latin America. CITI published the work of these experts, including Mr. Morales’ contributions as Telecommunications in

Latin America (Oxford Press 1998).

Ramón began his career after graduating from Harvard University, by developing innovative solutions towards integrating the information and communications needs of Fortune 500 businesses. In 1983, Ramón Morales and his lifelong friend, Rafael Collado, co-founded Protocom Devices, a manufacturer of advanced data communications devices used to allow mainframe computers and terminals access to Internet type packet switched networks. Protocom created a series of products that defined the standard for communications between IBM and proprietary computer systems in packet-switched network environments.

In 1985, Mr. Morales led an effort to raise capital and financing with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey resulting in $4.8-million for the construction of Protocom’s 40,000-square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the Bathgate Industrial Park Complex in New York City’s South Bronx. Then in May 1986, Protocom completed a public offering raising $4.7-million in a NASDAQ registered stock sale. Ramón is the first person of Puerto Rican nationality to take a high technology company to an IPO.

With his extensive experience in the design of advanced communications networks, Mr. Morales lent his expertise to several blue-chip industries and government entities including: Boeing, NASA, AT&T, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, California Federal Savings and Loan and the U.S. Department of Defense. These projects were completed successfully in the nineties.

In Puerto Rico, Mr. Morales designed the public housing network, ViviendaNet, for the Puerto Rico Department of Housing under the leadership of Secretary Carlos Vivoni. More recently, he designed the wide-area network for the Puerto Rico Department of the Family called FamiliaNet. Moreover, Mr. Morales lead a Puerto Rico-based initiative to advance internet accessibility hence educational empowerment for the benefit of underprivileged youth globally through his role as Chairman of the Internet Society of Puerto Rico in collaboration with fellow Internet Society leaders throughout the U.S., Asia, Latin America and Europe.

In 2005, Morales co-founded AHA! Ventures, a technology Company  in Silicon valley with Dr Steven Chen, former chief architect and co-inventor of the supercomputer along with Seymour Cray. The company raised capital and technology assets for the funding of health care , IT infrastructure and WiMAX development efforts underway in China, Dubai and Latin America.

In 2006 Morales was recruited to lead Vidiva and its team of Software developers, to build a wireless handheld consumer electronics device for the download of video, music and photos via wi-fi networks. Under a contract with Zoran, a semiconductor company based in Sunnyvale, the team successfully demonstrated a working protoype at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2007.

Subsequently, Morales was asked to form part of a team of technology leaders in Zoran who put together a strategic plan to build an advanced content distribution network that would provide universal specifications to ensure the interoperability of dissimilar mobile devices over WiMAX and conventional wireless networks (CDMA,GSM,3G etc…). A successful protoype received rave reviews at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2008. The company formed out of these efforts SEN-CE (www.sen-ce.com) is actively pursuing new contracts and establishing relations with content and network providers worldwide. Morales was named to its advisory Board in the spring of 2008 and currently advises the company in the area of WiMAX  strategy and wireless business development.

Personal and Philanthropic Interests

Ramón prides himself in being a social technologist who uses his skills to further social and economic development for Puerto Ricans in the United States and Puerto Rico. Born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, Ramón Morales migrated with his mother at the age of three and spent his early years living in New York’s El Barrio and Manhattan’s Eastside. In 1965, Ramón was awarded a scholarship to the founding class of the Monsignor William R. Kelly School, a Catholic middle school for academically gifted boys from low-income families. The value-rich education received in this school shaped his character, philosophy and social activism. Upon his graduation from the prestigious Walden School in 1972, Ramón went on to graduate from Harvard College in 1976.

While in New York in 1984, under the leadership of Brother Brian Carty,

Monsignor Kelly’s former principal, Ramón co-founded the De LaSalle School for gifted and academically talented boys and girls from low-income working-class families. He served as both member of the school’s Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees from 1984-1996 including Chairman from 1994 until 1996. Mr. Morales also participated as Board Chairman of PROMESA, Inc., the largest Puerto Rican nonprofit community-based organization in United States. The organization provides medical services to AIDS patients and runs the largest substance abuse rehabilitation program for over 1,000 people in recovery in New York’s South Bronx.

Contact: rmorales@post.harvard.edu