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Why I Post Inspirational Content

I have been asked by close friends who know of my political and business backgrounds, why I focus on posting inspirational and motivational images. The answer can be broken down into three simple reasons 1. I do it for myself 2. I do it for my family 3. I do it for friends who resonate(…)

Live in the Present

Live in the Present

I love to use inspirational content to raise my own level of awareness and to take actions on the issues I face. By doing this activity consistently, I have discovered a whole world of new friends and fellow travelers. Most of my posts on Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest are directed towards sharing the things I(…)

Relaunching My New WebPresence using Parallax Template

I just started working on my new WebPresence site. It is very exciting for me to begin to bring forth the lessons I have learned over the past 3 years. For one, the new site will make better use of graphics and will feature content drawn from the my diverse areas of interest. Additionally, I(…)

Apple Buys Wifi Slam for US $20 million: Some Preliminary Thoughts

Today the news about Apple is its latest acquisition of a company by the name of Wifi Slam. As it turns out, this company produces an app that provides GPS location functions but in a small or internal space such as a store or mall using wi-fi signals. I will continue to monitor and follow(…)

I’m Loving My Newly Upgraded WordPress WebPresence

I’m like a teenager with a new automobile, kicking the tires and enjoying my new WebPresence site designed by Eric Tay. I’m thrilled about the social network integration. Gone are the many plug ins that break every time WordPress changes something or due to developer abandonment.

A New Beginning

May 1 will become for me a true turning point. I feel that the pieces of what I’ve worked so long to build are now starting to fall into place. I have taken the “road less travelled” by choosing to build my company based on a higher purpose, for social and human gain rather than(…)

Confessions of a Mad Recovering Facebook Addict

Facebook can be a distraction that can lead to inaction and procrastination. i know this because I am addicted. Unfortunately Facebook Anonymous groups are not available here in Silicon Valley. It took me some time to exorcized myself. Like any recovering addict, I take it one day at a time. I use a simple technique(…)

Facebook’s All Male Board

Facebook’s All Male Board of Directors Facebook needs to address the issue of the lack of women directors on its board. Facebook may have to take a hard look at policies that generally would be considered discriminatory anywhere else. As a high tech company and social network “diva extraordinaire”, the company that has come to(…)

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